Ocean Friendly Cafes and Restaurants

By 2050 there will be more plastic in our ocean than fish, Thailand together with its neighbour namely Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines are among Top 5 of World's plastic marine debris contributors. This 'Ocean Friendly Cafes and Restaurants' wish to provide consumers introductory of businesses that are changing the tide and protecting our ocean.


Environmentally conscious practices observed, or reported, will be illustrated here against our criteria in the following:

1) No single-use plastic straws offered

2) Make available alternatives to single-use plastic/polystyrene foam for takeout orders

3) Reusable tableware is used for ‘dine in’

4) Make available alternatives to water sold in single-use plastic bottles

5) No plastic bags offered for takeout orders


Other sustainable practices that we are interested in and willing to appreciate as extra credit include, but not limit to

  • Rewarding measure for reusable container

  • Waste management - sorting

  • Sustainable sourcing of ingredients

  • Locally sourcing

  • Sourcing with social impact purpose

Everyone can be a changemaker, you can help reduce your plastic footprint and be part of a solution by showing your support to these businesses.

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